Tourette Syndrome Awareness Wristband

I have lived with Tourettes for almost 40 years and have recently decided to become more open about it. The tics I live with from TS are minor when compared to those that many are forced to live with and most of the people who know me probably do not even realize I have it.

When I decided to start raising awareness of Tourette Syndrome to those around me I found that nobody was making the silicone wristbands that I had seen people wear for so many other causes. To have a single one custom made for myself cost far more than I felt was reasonable, so I decided to have them manufactured in bulk to be more cost-effective.

The reason behind my pricing of each wristband ($4.99) breaks down as follows:

  • ~$1.00 – reimbursement of out-of-pocket cost to manufacture this first batch of wristbands
  • $2.00 – donation to Tourette Association of America
  • ~$2.00 – held for manufacturing of additional wristbands if there is enough demand